Experiencing and learning with heart and mind - that is the goal of STADT-WALD-FLUSS. Whether on your way outside or actively involved inside – here is space and time for individual experiences and ideas.

STADT-WALD-FLUSS was founded in 2006 by Cordula Herwig, „Diplompädagogin“ with additional trainings as nature- and environmental teacher. She herself spent most of her childhood roaming through woods and meadows and using garden, kitchen and shed for creative experiments of all sorts. Eventually she became the mother of two sons and soon realized that these experiences cannot be taken for granted anymore. Especially for schoolchildren, free play and experimenting in the outdoors or elsewhere is often no more possible. By founding STADT-WALD-FLUSS she has resolved to do s.th. about this loss of an important quality in modern childhood.

STADT-WALD-FLUSS: Exploring Nature and Culture!
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