Explorerworkshops outdoors

Explorer Workshops in nature take place during vacation day camps or as projects in various institutions like community centres, nature centres, schools or kindergartens.

Especially the vacation programs (Ferienprogramme) in cooperation with the John F. Kennedy Friendship Center are both for German and English speaking children. A lot of the participants are bilingual, some speak no German, some no English.

If a child speaks only little or no German there will always be at least one adult with good to very good English to help out and/or translate. (It is worth noting, however, that this is not a language course for German children who would like to improve their English)

Activities on offer are, amongst other things: whittling and sawing, painting with self - made paint from natural materials, shelter-building, activities concerning animals and plants, discovering nature through the elements: earth, water, fire and air (see also: THEMES)

Explorerwokshops indoors

In other kinds of Explorerworkshops at STADT - WALD - FLUSS children, teens (and sometimes adults) have the possibility to discover museums and ateliers as lively and exciting places - also for hands - on experience. Under professional supervision of museum - guides and artists they can spend a morning or afternoon or even a whole day in a museum, such as the museums of natural history in Berlin and Brandenburg: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin or Naturkundemuseum Potsdam in Brandenburg, one of Berlins art -museums with special programs for young people or an atelier of an artist like in the artist - network Milchhof in Berlin.

Here it is possible to see and experience new and interesting facts and aspects about nature and the environment like a model of underground mole tunnels, owl - eggs or a hawk preparation. 

Another possible activity could be to make an appointment with an art - historian or special museum guide who specializes on tours for children and young people in one of Berlins art - museums in order to get an idea about the history, philosophy or also about the paints being used by artists of famous (and also less famous) works of art about nature. 

A more practical activity is on offer in cooperation with individual artist like from the Ateliergemeinschaft Milchhof in order to spend a day in her or his atelier exploring the world of paper, cloth and other materials as well as various kinds of colours and paints under professional supervision. 




"adventure with the elements" (inside and outside): fun and exciting experiments with earth, water, fire and air

snail workshop: slow but steady…

bee workshop: wild bees and honeybees (in cooperation with "Bienarium Ruhlsdorf")

birds safari: where are our feathered neighbors?

Creepy - crawlies: life upon and below the earth

Beaver, toad, frog and water bug: life in and around the water

Dandelion, gooseflower, daisies bear leek and Indian cress: magical herbs

Fox, hedgehog and squirrel: in the world of animal hunters and gatherers

Ages ago: life in the primordial ocean, life in the Stone Age

Wood and natural colours workshop: whittling, sawing, hammering and sanding

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