Nature- and Environmental Education

Nature and environmental education with STADT - WALD - FLUSS takes place mostly in Berlin and Brandenburg schools and kindergarten groups. Here young explorers can solve simple science problems, make discoveries and carry out research on simple phenomena from science subjects like biology, physics, and chemistry. Or we discover and learn more about certain kinds of animals and plants living in the area.  


amazing elements: earth, water, fire and air

white, black, coloured or…?: About colours, shadow and light

how does a squirrel dress in the winter?: about heat and cold

diversity in the sound- kingdom: sometimes soft and sometimes loud

pretty strong forces: magnetism and electricity

surprising nature on your doorstep: Exploring small animals and plants

back to the Stone Age: life and times of mammoth, cave bear, woolly rhinoceros and early humans

Juana and Pedro from Ecuador: children in South America

A banana (cocoabean, orange) travelling: where does our food come from?

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