You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself. [Galileo Galilei]

Out and about in the Berlin woods, parks and at its waters, in schoolyards and backyards or in Berlin´s green surroundings (Brandenburg), but also in museums and artist-studios, STADT-WALD-FLUSS is offering a creative and exciting experience especially for children but also parents and other interested adults in its EXPLORERworkshops or LEARNING- and EXPERIMENTING workshops. New are the so-called NatureTOURS as an activity on offer for adults and families.

 In the course of these tours we discover the green and wild parts of Berlin - after all, the city in recent years has attracted a lot of wildlife and it continues to do so. But it is also exciting to discover nature on the fringes of the city and the surrounding state of Brandenburg - either by bike or on foot…

STADT-WALD-FLUSS: Exploring Nature and Culture!
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